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Paul Darrow (Avon) Memorial - Blakes 7 - Auld Lang Syne - Dougie MacLean

A memorial to Paul Darrow (1941-2019), who played Avon in Blakes 7.

The video can also be viewed and downloaded from my website (381 MB):


My Auld Lang Syne set and other memorial video playlist on YouTube - New Years FanVids Playlist
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more posts from my Cult TV blog

Some more posts from my Cult TV blog, with links to the reviews:

Gideon's Way (1965-66), an uneven but mostly excellent British cop show.

Quincy M.E. season 2 (1977), about which I have very mixed feelings. It's sometimes excellent, sometimes very heavy-handed with the social messaging.

Lost in Space - No Place to Hide (1965). This is the original unaired pilot and it's rather different from the series in quite a few intriguing ways.

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recent posts on my Cult TV blog

Some recent posts on my Cult TV blog, with links to my reviews:

The F.B.I. (season 1, 1965). A slightly odd series but quite watchable.

Magnum, P.I. (season 1, 1980). A series I had somehow missed completely but it turned out to be a very pleasant surprise.

The Avengers - five Tara King episodes. And the good news is that four of them are extremely good.

McCloud (season 1, 1970). Reasonably entertaining American cop show about a small town marshal in New York City.


1960s TV tie-in novels

Recently I've been delving into the world of 1960s TV tie-in novels. And surprisingly the ones I've been reading haven't been too bad. Here are the links to my reviews.

The Man from U.N.C.L.E. - The Dagger Affair. Basically has the semi-serious semi-tongue-in-cheek tone of the first season, which is definitely a good thing. Quite entertaining.

Space 1999: Alien Seed. Based on the first season. A very good little science fiction novel.

The Avengers #6: The Drowned Queen. John Steed and Tara King trying to save a giant submarine ocean liner. Not entirely successful, but amusing.

The Girl from U.N.C.L.E. - The Birds of a Feather Affair. More serious in tone than the TV series, and generally pretty good.


most recent Cult TV blog postings

Recent Cult TV blog postings -

The Guardians (1971), interesting and surprisingly nuanced British dystopian political thriller series.

Out of the Unknown, the very underrated 1971 fourth season of the BBC sci-fi anthology series.

Thriller - If It's a Man, Hang Up/The Double Kill (1975), two excellent episodes from the Brian Clemens psychology horror anthology series.

Cannon, season one (1971), a pretty solid private eye series.

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Gareth Thomas - Giving Message to Paul Darrow - Toronto - May 1987 ?

Gareth Thomas - Giving Message to Paul Darrow - Toronto - May 1987 ?

This is the message that Gareth Thomas had recorded - the teasing message for Paul Darrow - recorded by Philadelphia fans who had traveled to Toronto see him in a play.

Gareth Thomas came up to my husband and my room in Chicago to watch the B7 music videos, along with a large fan retinue. Apparently, he was known for not watching himself and so felt that it was safe to watch snippets in a music video. Clearly, he hadn't seen himself being shot, because his body jerked and he stepped back. Imagine an entire room of fans all watching Gareth Thomas watching the TV. Great fun.

For some reason, someone down-arrowed this message from Gareth Thomas on YouTube, which completely confuses me. Do people really dislike him so much? I adore him. I'd really like to see him get more up-arrows.


Paul Darrow - Replying to Gareth Thomas - Boston Convention - 30 May 1987


Don't know if it counts as Cult, but I've put up 18 Farscape videos.

Best, Mary
blakes seven, blakes 7, b7, blake's 7, blake's seven

Scrounged up 5 more B7 fanvids that I put on YouTube

Looking in corners for videos and almost finished getting old B7 pieces up.  Just put up:
  Winter - Avon's POV - Winston - stream of conscious dreaming (really, stream of unconscious)
  Some Days are Diamonds - John Denver - Avon
  Arbiter - Chess - General
  Be Prepared - Tom Lehrer - Vila

  I Think I'm a Clone Now - Weird Al Yankovic - ST, STTNG, B7, Quark, Man from Uncle and Starsky & Hutch

Best, Mary