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From my Cult TV blog in recent times, with links to my full reviews.

The Six Million Dollar Man: Wine, Women and War (TV movie, 1973), the second of the TV moves and it's a fun James Bond-Style adventure.

Charlie’s Angels season 2 (1977-78), very enjoyable stuff plus there's the sheer awesomeness of Cheryl Ladd.

Lost in Space season 3, an enormous improvement over the second season with some seriously good episodes.


my cult TV highlights of 2020

Looking back over the past year I’d have to say that it hasn’t been a bad one for me in terms of cult television. I’ve made a couple of notable discoveries - series I’d either vaguely heard of but never seen or eve series that I hadn’t even heard of. These were my most interesting discoveries:

Orson Welles Great Mysteries (1973), a British mystery/horror anthology series which turned out to be surprisingly very good indeed and at times nicely creepy.

Harry O (1974), a delightfully quirky series which quickly established itself as one of my all-time favourite private eye series.

Voyagers! (1982), an American kids’ time travel science fiction series which is much more fun than I expected.

The Human Jungle (1963), an all-but-forgotten British series about a psychiatrist. Insanely melodramatic and often ludicrously far-fetched (and not a crime series as one might have expected) but it does star Herbert Lom which is always a bonus.

I’ve also revisited some old favourites, such as The Invaders (which made me realise that I’d never actually seen the second season).

And Return of the Saint (1978-79), which I think is one of the more successful attempts to revive a classic series, keeping a surprising amount of the feel of the original.

The most popular posts of 2020 with readers of my cult TV blog have been:

Sheena Queen of the Jungle (1955), a very lightweight good-natured jungle girl adventure series

The Saint in Europe, and on TV, a review of both the Leslie Charteris collection of short stories and the 1960s TV episodes adapted from those stories.

And The Green Hornet (1966-67), somewhat in the Batman mode but less zany and much darker.

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cult TV posts from my blog

Cult TV posts from my blog, with links to my reviews:

Public Eye (season 7, 1975), the final season of the greatest private eye series ever made.

The Human Jungle, season one (1963), Herbert Lom stars in this British series about a psychiatrist. A low-key mix of crime and non-crime stories with the emphasis on melodrama, but an intriguing series nonetheless.

The Streets of San Francisco, season 1 (1972-73), erratic but watchable US cop show.


recent cult TV blog posts

Some of my recent cult TV blog posts:

Return of the Saint (1978-79), a series that is much more successful and much more than one might have been expected.

Voyagers! (1982), a surprisingly enjoyable American kids' time travel science fiction series.

Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea season 4 (1967-68), a huge improvement over the third season.

Hammer House of Horror (1980), a really terrific series that should have saved Hammer but didn't.

Route 66 season one (1960), a legendary series that I personally thought was very uneven although at times interesting.

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One by one, my vids are being blocked on YouTube by BBC

It will take them a while, but every day another video is blocked.  Latest was the Avon memorial Auld Lang Syne.  The one that surprised me was that they blocked an academic lecture by Edi Bjorklund from 1987 that compared B7 with ST.  If anything was fair use, I would have thought that was.

But, as the vids go away from YouTube, I'm making sure that the 69 music videos are still up to stream and download from my site.  So bookmark

and you should still have access to the videos.  All my best and love to fellow Blakes 7 fans.

blakes seven, blakes 7, b7, blake's 7, blake's seven

Paul Darrow (Avon) Memorial - Blakes 7 - Auld Lang Syne - Dougie MacLean

A memorial to Paul Darrow (1941-2019), who played Avon in Blakes 7.

The video can also be viewed and downloaded from my website (381 MB):


My Auld Lang Syne set and other memorial video playlist on YouTube - New Years FanVids Playlist
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more posts from my Cult TV blog

Some more posts from my Cult TV blog, with links to the reviews:

Gideon's Way (1965-66), an uneven but mostly excellent British cop show.

Quincy M.E. season 2 (1977), about which I have very mixed feelings. It's sometimes excellent, sometimes very heavy-handed with the social messaging.

Lost in Space - No Place to Hide (1965). This is the original unaired pilot and it's rather different from the series in quite a few intriguing ways.