Decoy (1957)

Decoy, which went to air in 1957, was not just the first TV series to focus on a female cop, it is in my opinion still the most interesting such series. It’s very character-driven and it’s a surprising realistic look at the work of female police officers.

Patricia “Casey” Jones is an undercover cop in New York. Her cases range from missing children and shoplifting all the way to murder and some of the best episodes are the ones dealing with very routine cases. The very underrated Beverly Garland is superb in the lead role. I recommend this series very highly. And it’s readily available on DVD.

Here’s the link to my review.

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Hawaii Five-O/The F.B.I.

Two of the most entertaining 1960s cop shows were Hawaii Five-O and The F.B.I., both of which were very stylish in their own ways.

I've recently reviewed the second season of The F.B.I. here and the third season of Hawaii Five-O here on my Cult TV blog.